Sell Your House for Cash- Why Selling for Cash Is Not Always a Good Idea

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Selling or buying a house for cash may speed up the closing process, but a cash offer is typically one that comes from an investor. If you cherish your home and want control over who will move into your home, a traditional sale will be a better bet over accepting a cash offer for your home.

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So, you want to sell your home and are considering all of your options.

Cash offers sound appealing and include some positives, such as a quick sale, but also come with several negatives.

We’ve done some research to provide you with an introduction to cash offers so you can make the most informed decision when you decide to sell your house.

What you Should Know About Cash Offers

All-cash offers are offers made by potential homebuyers who want to purchase a house for cash with no additional financing such as a mortgage. These transactions occur faster than in mortgage-financed homes because there is no appraisal or loan approval process. As a result, the house can close in as little as one to two weeks by skipping that process.

Cash Offers in Real Estate Transactions

Several types of individuals and companies purchase homes for cash. Some are experienced, and some are new to investing in houses. The larger companies will have a streamlined process for cash buyers, but individual investors may still require an inspection or appraisal.

Here are the types of cash buyers most likely to make an all-cash offer:

Regardless of which type of cash buyer makes you a cash offer, you need to ensure they have the funds to follow through on the home purchase. They should have the ability to show you they have the funds with a letter or other means from a cash lender or bank.

Mortgage Offers Vs. Cash Offers

Theprimary difference between mortgage offers and cash offers is how the purchase of the house is funded. The all-cash buyers will have the cash available in a bank account to cover the purchase price. On the other hand, mortgage offers require a lender to get involved and issue a loan to cover the cost of the house.

There are several other differences in the home sale transaction process between a homebuyer who pays cash for a house versus one who pays with a mortgage.

Transaction Length

Selling a house takes time. The length of time is dependent on where the buyer’s financing comes from. Mortgage deals take two to three months to complete. Cash offers usually result in quicker home sales and can be completed in as little as one to two weeks.

Transaction Steps

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There are several steps when selling a home, regardless of if it is an all-cash purchase or a mortgage purchase. However, lenders require several more steps before releasing funds for a mortgage.

In a cash sale, there are fewer steps and no steps related to a mortgage application or underwriting. Of course, many cash buyers still want to do due diligence and possibly perform an inspection, but most will not require an appraisal.


There are closings in both transactions with a title and escrow company. The purpose is to confirm the funds exist for sale, create the required documents, complete the purchase of title insurance, and set up the escrow.

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Cons of All-Cash Offers for Sellers

Low Purchase Offers

Many all-cash buyers are willing to buy homes because they search for undervalued properties that they plan to resell for a profit. Sometimes this includes a remodel of the home, and then the house is put back on the market. Other times, the house is renovated and then rented out for the long term. All the buyer types are looking to pay as little as possible for a home. They typically buy houses at no more than 50% to 30% less than they can be resold for.

The sales price for an all-cash house will be lower than what you would receive from a mortgage-backed buyer. As a result, the offer may be significantly below market value. Of course, there are benefits from cash offers, such as a faster close and undergoing an appraisal, but the price will be lower overall on purchasing the house.

A Sale is Not Guaranteed

All-cash offers offer a quick closing; however, there is no guarantee of closing until it occurs and you have the cash in hand.

Some home buying companies have the funds to close quickly, but others may get properties under contract and then shop around and try to sell the property for more than the contract price. If they do not find a willing buyer before closing, they may let the contract expire and not purchase the house.

Deduct Repairs and Improvements from Your Price

Several buyers will reduce the price they are willing to pay for the house based on the cost of repairs they think the house needs. For example, if you need to spend about $30,000 to get the house in good shape for a traditional sale, they will deduct that amount from the price they offer you to buy the house. They will also build in a profit margin and deduct that from the cash offer.

Most buyers won’t bid more than 70% of market value, minus closing and repair costs.

If you have to sell your house for cash, you will want to find the most qualified buyers and ask for a reasonable asking price. If the price is too high, your home listing will be ignored by these types of buyers. It is essential to know the value of your house and estimate how much you can get with a cash offer. house’s market value

You Don’t Get Competing Bidders

With a realtor and typical home sale, you have several buyers bid to buy your house.

There is competition for the best price, and you can make a better profit. With the all-cash buyers, the price is more of a ‘take it or leave it’ situation. It is all business for these buyers.

Also, to find an all-cash offer, you will have to reach out to the businesses or investors who offer that type of purchase. Most will not offer very different amounts for the house, whereas a realtor can get buyers into a bidding war and make the purchase competitive.

You May Feel Rushed

Cash deals happen quickly and may make you feel rushed as a seller to close on the house. If you do not want to complete that fast, reconsider selling your home for cash. Also, if you sell a house and then need to purchase another, the timing may be a challenge and leave you without a home for a few weeks or longer. Sometimes, you have flexibility in your move-out date in all-cash offers, but that is not always the case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cash offers common in residential real estate?

You may think it would be odd for someone to have enough cash to pay for a house outright. However, all-cash purchases have been on the rise since 2019.

Most all-cash offers involve investors, ranging from small businesses to large home-buying companies. Some investors will be able to offer a fair price for the house because they get reduced rates on things like home repairs and title insurance. However, this is not always the situation.

Why shouldn’t you pay for a house in cash?

Even if you have enough cash on hand to pay cash for a house without a loan, it may not be the best idea.

Here are several reasons to buy a house with a mortgage instead of a cash offer.

A Mortgage May Be the Only Way to Afford a House

Most homebuyers do not have enough extra funds to buy a house for cash outright. Even coming up with the cost for a down payment in cash may be a challenge, let alone paying for the entire house. Most homebuyers pay 7% for a down payment on a home.

You Can Maintain Liquidity

If you barely have enough cash to cover the cost of a house, it might be a better decision to keep that cash on hand and stay liquid rather than pay cash for your house. The funds can cover emergencies like unexpected car repairs or medical bills.

You will also want to have some cash on hand for unexpected house needs, from a new roof to a furnace that needs to be replaced.

There could be several unexpected expenses after moving into a new house as a new homeowner.

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You Qualify for Favorable Mortgage Terms

Often, having enough cash on-hand to pay cash for a home will look favorable to banks when you apply for a mortgage. This is because they know you have the funds to cover a mortgage entirely, which makes you less likely to default on the loan. Also, if you can put down a high down payment of around 20% or more, the bank will offer you more favorable terms for the loan and a lower interest rate.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, interest rates have been lowered to historic lows.

Also, with a sizeable down payment, you can avoid getting private mortgage insurance. It is difficult to predict how long interest rates will remain at historic lows, but for those with cash on hand, mortgages are more accessible than ever to obtain.

Your Money May Be Better Invested in Other Places

If you can afford it outright, you most likely have a significant amount of cash and other money available. However, investing in a real estate property is just one type of investment you may be considering. Paying cash for a home versus keeping your money in the bank or investing in other financial endeavors may prove more valuable.

For example, you could consider investing in stocks, mutual funds, or a personal business you feel confident will bring greater returns. These investments offer several advantages and allow you to maintain your liquidity.

You Could Receive A Tax Break

If you have a mortgage, you receive a tax break on the interest you pay to your lender. This benefit applies to a small share of homeowners, however. In addition, following the federal tax reform passed at the end of 2017, the mortgage interest tax deduction has been limited to interest paid on the first $750,000 in mortgage debt.

Additional reasons to not purchase a house with all-cash may include:

  • Funds are tied to one investment
  • You may pay more than market value in hot markets
  • The seller may not agree to repairs

How long does it take to buy a house with cash?

Cash buyers can usually close on the home in two weeks or less. It can take anywhere from four weeks to several months to close on a mortgage-backed home. When a seller is seeking a quick sale, a cash buyer might have a competitive edge.

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All-cash offers are one way to sell your house quickly; however, there are downsides. For example, you will most likely receive much less for your home if you accept a cash offer than you would in a traditional sale. It’s important to stay mindful of the pros and cons of selling your home for cash.

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