Selling a House As-Is: How to Skip Repairs and sell fast

Selling a house as-is is a great way to save both money and time by skipping the repairs and renovations.

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Selling a house as-is is the ideal way to skip making any repairs or spending money to fix up a property you’re no longer interested in. Especially with older properties, this can be an easy and fast way to sell and move on to a new property you’re more interested in. Selling as-is properties is about transparency and ensuring both the house seller and buyer are on the same page.

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Selling a home in as-is is an excellent option for sellers who wish to save time by avoiding the need to make costly home repairs before listing a home. When you decide to sell a home as-is, you are basically letting the potential buyer know that you are aware of the property’s condition but are unwilling to make the necessary repairs before selling. Selling as-is can be advantageous for both sellers and buyers who wish for a quick and easy transaction.

Can you sell a house as-is?

If you want to reduce and expedite your property’s sale negotiations, this is an excellent way of doing it. Selling as is also shows the buyer your intention as the seller. As is, properties are generally sold for less than fully repaired properties. In most cases, if you’re hoping to avoid fixing any issues you’re aware of before selling your home, you have every right to list your property as-is and pass on the responsibility for repairs to the new buyer.

There are several key benefits when selling as-is. Most of them can be summed up into:

1. Saving money: If you’re not in a place to spend the money necessary to fix up a property, then selling it as is can help you avoid taking the renovations on. The one thing about renovations is that they will almost always cost you more than expected, so avoiding the renovation process by selling the home in an “as is” condition may be a wise choice.

2. Saving time: If your goal is to save time, selling your house as-is may be a great option. Renovations aren’t only costly for sellers; they can also require a lot of time to complete. Even in cases where a contractor isn’t needed to finish off all of the renovations relating to your property, general home repair lists can be lengthy. By selling as-is, you avoid taking on any renovation tasks and will likely sell the house quicker.

How to sell a house as-is?

Selling a house as-it isn’t different from selling your home the usual way. You’ll still need to take photos and list your home as normal with a broker or trusted FSBO service such as

When selling a property in as-is condition, sometimes deciding on a fair price can complicate things because it usually results in less accurate valuations of the property. This is partly because deciding the costs for renovations can be relatively complex, especially as prices in labor hours and materials tend to fluctuate. It’s guaranteed that you accept an inevitable profit loss on the sale when you sell a property as-is, but this is usually offset by the costs you would have spent on repairs.

Choosing the right price for your as-is house sale isn’t just about getting buyers. It’s also about getting buyers whose mortgage will be approved. If you’re overcharging for your property, then banks that will surely choose to carry out a home inspection before approving any mortgage will quickly realize how much work is required to return the house in excellent condition. While these points aren’t meant to discourage you from selling property as is, it’s meant to guide you on how to best approach the as-is condition sale.

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Steps when selling as-is:

1. Find a real estate agent

As properties can be harder to sell as-is, many people believe a real estate agent specializing in selling as-is properties is necessary. What is true about not selling a house as is by the owner is that your listing will be more accurate, and as such, you’re more likely to receive the offers you’re hoping for. If you choose to go with a real estate agent, choose one specializing in selling properties as-is and negotiate their commission with them. This will help you save money in the long run.

2. Make a home repairs list.

Making an as-is house sale doesn’t mean lying about what is wrong with your property. Instead, it means telling the buyers what needs fixing and stating you’ll not take on any of the repairs necessary, nor will you lower the price. There are many things in need of repair in as-is properties, so making a home repairs list will help you create a more accurate listing and present your property exactly to your future buyers.

3. Presentation

Many seem to believe an as-is property won’t require any staging. While, to an extent, it’s true, you still should take care of the property you own, and you should ensure your property is as well-kept as possible. In addition, presenting it more nicely will often mean getting more offers, which ultimately should be what you’re looking for when trying to sell your property. Therefore, please clean up the space and make it look as good as possible for the listing photos and buyer visits.

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What not to fix when selling a house?

You’re usually unwilling to make any reparations for your property when you sell as-is. Even when you’re not selling a house in as-is condition, there are a few things you may want to consider avoiding fixing up.

1. Minor flaws

While minor cosmetic flaws are easy to fix, you don’t necessarily need to take the time to fix them. This is partly because any buyer will likely paint walls or replace countertops they don’t like and add something they want in their place. Therefore, you can easily avoid these projects as a home seller. However, if they come up during the negotiations process, then you may want to reconsider and look into repairing the things the buyer is interested in seeing fixed.

2. Old Appliances

In many cases changing the appliances in a home you have put up for sale is a waste of money. This is because whoever buys the house will most likely have the devices they will bring with them and use. So by changing the appliances, you’re only wasting money when you could avoid the mismatched appliances while leaving the new owner to deal with this stuff.

3. Small Driveway repairs

If you have a home requiring a few repairs in the driveway, you may ignore those. In general, small cracks in the driveway or minor damage to your walkway won’t usually affect a buyer’s decision to buy a property. Even if you’re not looking into having an as-is property sale, these damages are the type you can most likely ignore as the buyer is unlikely to comment on them.

How much do you lose selling a house as-is?

There is no set amount of money you’ll lose by choosing to sell a house as-is. The reality is that it all depends on the actual condition of the home. You may even be able to minimize your losses by selling a property as-is when it is in need of costly repairs. When you have decided to proceed with an as-is property sale, there are two main things you’ll need to consider:

1. Do you want to list and sell to a typical buyer?

2. Do you want to sell to a cash buying or flipping company?

Both routes are entirely viable, and depending on your situation, you may find both options will make you a big enough profit. According to some reports, even those sellers who choose to sell to cash buying companies still pull in around 75 to 95% of the home’s value.

While selling to a cash buying company can be faster for as-is home sellers, you’re generally more likely to get a better amount from an individual buyer wishing to buy your property. This is partly because flipping companies will need to profit from selling your house after the necessary repairs on your home repair list are completed. For this reason, the offers from these companies will often tend to be a lot lower than what you might be able to get for your property by listing it.

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How much work to do before selling a house?

The most significant benefit of as-is properties is that no repairs are required from the home seller. Instead, as the seller, all you will need to do is make a home repairs list which will help to justify your asking price. The list will have all of the information regarding what needs fixing. By selling as is, you’re essentially saying you know about the problems with the property, but you’re unwilling to spend the necessary money or put in the effort to fix these problems. So while you may be getting a loss in profit because you’re choosing to sell as-is instead of doing the necessary repairs, you’re saving in having to spend the time and money to finish the work required on the property.

How to sell a house that needs repairs?

If you’re unwilling to fix your house up before selling, the best way to sell a home that needs repairs is by stating the problems with the property and listing to sell as-is. By listing to sell as-is, you’re essentially acknowledging all of the issues with the property and stating you’ll not take these things into account in the negotiations. This will show the buyers that the property needs repairs, but those repairs won’t affect the house price.

Alternatively, you can do cheap fixes to sell a house. These usually easier fixes will help you sell your home at a potentially better price than the one an as-is property would be sold. However, with any renovations, even if they are cheap fixes, you’ll most likely need to spend both time and money to fix the issues with your property. If you’re willing to put time and effort into these projects, this is another viable option for repairing a property.

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How to sell an old house that needs work?

If you have an older property in need of repairs, the easiest way to sell it fast, without putting in the work or money to complete renovations, is by selling the property as-is. As are properties where the house seller acknowledges specific problems about the house but states those won’t affect the price of the home or be considered in the negotiations process. Where many house sellers will repair aspects of the property the buyer asks to see improved, with an as-is property, you have made your position clear, and the buyer knows not to ask you for any repairs.


Selling a property can sometimes result in a loss of profits; however, most of the time, those losses are minimal, and the savings in time and money make the whole process worth it. Selling as-is properties is all about transparency and selling a house fast without undertaking reparations. This is important for house sellers to understand as it will help make the listing and selling process smoother.

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